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Scripture In Song has turned 50. Worship as it was back in 1968 took a radical turn and it's our privilege to invite you to join us for a celebration in Auckland, New Zealand on MARCH 29 & 30 2019.

Come with us as we and some of our friends both local and international, worship God together, share treasures and pass on how we interpreted the original legacy of God’s word to us, “lead the people to me”. When we first began Scripture in Song this was a simple but clear mandate.

Over these two days we will sing, celebrate, talk story, learn and look toward what’s ahead in corporate worship. We’ll do all this together in anticipation that the tenderness of God’s Spirit will give us leadership and wisdom to liberate and prepare his people for a new anointing. There is a ripple of the knowledge of new wine, light for the darkness, we need to prepare.

Please join us. Together we’re a family. A Bride preparing for our Groom who will return for us. Let us make ourselves ready with anticipation and great joy.

Join us on our Facebook Event page EVENT and keep up to date with information as it comes.



To help you explore this site, here are four areas we want to point you to. They are all accessible right here and easy to find ...


 First because of the never ending enquiries we receive about the recordings we made under the 'Scripture in Song' label we have made 12 Albums available for digital download. You can buy either a complete Album or Individual Songs you love.


Click here for:  'Scripture In Song'


Next we have a blog which we will update frequently. It's called 'Conversations with God'


We have found that amazing Scripture in Revelation is life changing 'behold I stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come in and we can eat together ... '


Did you realise this statement was written to a church. What we've done is take it very literally and God has responded so we are documenting David's talks with God to encourage you to do the same.


We would welcome your questions and comments so we can learn from you too.


Click here for:  'Conversations With God'


Thirdly for those interested in the beauty and wonder of the worship of Indigenous People we have produced a DVD titled 'Let my people go'. You can see a short trailer and if you would like to view the full 40 minutes, you can also purchase it on line.


You can viiew the trailer here: 'Let My People Go'


In a dominant western culture all too few of the treasures God has given indigenous cultures have been used to worship Him. This DVD explores this notion.


Finally we have woven some of our life experiences of joy and pain, love and loss, and produced an Album we have called 'Coming Home' It is best experienced by reading the book that accompanies if where we invite you into our lives and hearts and share with you the pathos of our walk with God and of his faithfulness to us.


Click here for:  'Coming Home'


The feedback from this is ongoing and rewarding for us. If you are needing comfort and encouragement we recommend you get this Album and if you can't afford to buy it please let us know.


Here is an extract from a person who listened to Coming Home.


My musical taste could be described as 'alternative' and I have to admit I don't often listen to 'Christian music'


However I thought I would try 'Coming Home' it looked different. So I listened to it in my car as I took my 40 minute drive home.


As the journey went by I found the music calming and time went by quickly although I kept thinking it wasn't really 'my style'.


As I reached my destination and the last chords of the Album were playing I heard a clear voice inside me-quite unexpected-say, 'Simon I love you.'


The music finished and I sat in silence, overwhelmed.