David and Dale Garratt

David Garratt was born in 1938 in Wellington, New Zealand, the second of eleven children of Noel and Florance Garratt. He was raised in a family that loved God and followed him.

Dale was born in 1939 in Auckland, New Zealand, one of two children of Rudolph and Florence Cvtanovic.

David and Dale met in 1962, love at first sight, a coup de foudre. Well, not exactly a thunderbolt but at least enough electricity to keep this partnership of opposites alive and well over the years.

David, it seems has always been a Christian, while Dale at 20 came to faith in God, a solo Christian in her family until the aunt who raised her also became a believer some years later at a Billy Graham crusade.

David and Dale Garratt

Dale and David were married in 1964 and by 1968, when they started recording their songs based on Bible verses, they had two daughters, Melinda Mary and Rachel Louise.

The label they started was simple and unapologetically, just the writing and recording of Scripture verses set to the contemporary music of the time, with a rhythm section, (piano, guitar and drums), sounds that were unfamiliar to the church culture of the day.

This label was entitled 'Scripture in Song'. The music was all at once hugely popular and at the same time controversial as it challenged the status quo of the day.

The albums hurtled around the globe with the Garratt family in their wake as Christians found new ways to worship and sing their praises to God. Churches ordered overhead transparencies and tens of thousands of song books were sold worldwide.

By 1993 there was for the Garratts' a paradigm shift and the words 'Indigenous worship' were beginning to have serious significance in their lives. This became a pursuit with them and David's longing was to see the treasures God had placed in different cultures-the songs, sounds, and riches of their ethnicity-used to worship their creator.

In his heart, the imbalance of 'white ways to worship', the imposition of it on indigenous people had to change. David felt the longing he believed God had for people to worship in their God given idiom, reminiscent of the throne room scene described in the book of Revelation where every tribe and tongue bow before the Lamb of God, ascribing glory and majesty in their own culture and language.

A DVD entitled 'Let my people go' describing this journey is available for purchase at the Shop page of this site.

In 1998, Rachel who by now had two children with songwriter husband Ramon Pink was diagnosed with cancer. A two year marathon of faith and prayer ensued, ending in Rachel leaving this life for her destiny with God.

Over the following years, the Garratt family suffered further sickness, pain and loss of finance. These painful but precious years gave them a new found joy and appreciation for the relentlessly pursuing love of God.

Emerging out of this time they were both broken yet triumphant in the knowledge of God's steadfast love that was with them in the depths, as it had been in the heights.

Songs were a natural expression of this experience and were woven into a work they named 'Coming Home'. It is simply an album of 10 songs. A statement of the most profound thing they have learned to date is; 'Nothing can or ever will separate them from the persistent grip of the love of God their saviour.'

Garratt Family