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 'My sheep hear my voice'

For some time now I have been having active conversations with God and writing them down. I talk to Him and then I listen for His reply. I always hear Him reply and believe He is available so that anyone can do this.

He communicates with me through my mind.  It's not some strange 'out of body' thing, it's as ordinary as a couple of friends sitting around a table. In John 10:17 Jesus said, 'my sheep hear my voice' and although I'd have to say that sometimes I don't recognise my shepherd, when I look back on my written conversations there are often things I wouldn't have thought about myself.

My conversations with God are different to what I'd call a 'Word from God'. A word from God for me has always been at His initiative and has often been some sort of directive to do with changes in direction or ministry.

My  conversations with God though, take a different format and they started like this. A few years ago I distinctly heard God say to me, ‘David I want to talk to you’.

I decided to pull out my laptop and  began to type what I was hearing in my mind. As I listened I felt real hope and a joy of realising God was actually talking to me.

A while after this first instance happened a friend Mark Holloway wrote to me and told me he was having backwards and forwards conversations with God. Wow, I thought, I'm going to try this , so I began to sit at my computer and ask, ‘Father, what have you got to talk about to me today?’ or words to that effect.

The amazing thing is that God always speaks back, through my mind, in my language and in the way I would express myself. Sometimes I seem to get specific words, sometimes impressions that I interpret into my own words.

It always takes faith to believe this is actually God, the creator, sharing his thoughts with me. However I have to say that He has shown me many important truths, things I really needed to hear and which, by the way, can always be confirmed in the Bible.

The purpose of this Blog is two fold. I wanted to pass on some of what I am hearing, a little at a time, but more importantly I believe conversations with God are available to all of us. I mean that. To everyone.

For my conversations, I wanted to be sure what I had started to do was confirmed in the Bible.

The first verse I came across was the statement from Jesus in Revelation 3:20 'Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person.'

I always thought this verse was a call to unbelievers for salvation.

However Jesus was actually speaking to ‘anyone’ listening in a church which made me realise I could 'open the door of my mind' and let Him in as well.

Another instance I thought of was when Samuel was a boy in the temple. In 1 Samuel 3 the Lord came and stood there, calling, "Samuel! Samuel!" Then Samuel said, "Speak, for your servant is listening."

It is interesting that the Lord stood and called yet Samuel didn't see Him. However although the Lord had called Samuel several times before this it wasn't until Samuel told Him he was listening that God gave him the message.

God is waiting for us to listen and respond to Him today.

I think He is speaking all the time and His word to us is the same as to that church in Revelation, ‘If anyone has ears to hear, let them hear’

You can comment on any of the Blogs or you can write to me directly and I’ll explain more than what I can do here in this brief introduction.

Just enter ‘Conversations’ in the subject line. My email address is:davidgarrat38@icloud.com



Father, What a blessing it is to know you as my Father. Not as a human father is but as someone who cares, loves, runs after all his children purely because we are all your children and you created us so that we could be a family.

David I never ‘make’ my children do or say anything. Satan is a manipulator and uses mankind’s emotions to sway him this way and that. Your emotions are important and I also respond to my children in a way that often also stirs their emotions. However my heart towards my children is always out of love just as I showed the returning prodigal. The devil’s role as in the garden of Eden is based on self elevation and pride coupled with fear and anger.


So Father, I see the importance of learning to become part of your family. This is why you gave us the recording ‘I EXALT THEE’ so that it would open a door to seeing you as my Father and me as your son. Not just for the occasional time but all the time. I trust I am learning this.


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LEAD THE PEOPLE TO ME...was the first word I gave you and now you are seeing clearer than ever before...why, for what purpose?


It is so obvious once you see it. So that we can walk together, talk together, sit at a table together and learn to become friends. 


Those who join you will find this is My hearts desire for them as well because they also will realise a personal relationship with me is vital for their life’s fulfilment.. 


You talk about the event, these songs, opening a door for intimate relationship. And now that the door is open where will it lead? For many regardless of the reality of what listening to My voice has been for them, life’s challenges distract them from the purpose of the relationship. I am still I AM, the One of the present.  


Matthew 6: 333

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you. 34Thereforedo notworryabouttomorrow,fortomorrowwill worry aboutitself.Todayhas enoughtroubleof its own.



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Satan's plan...replacement.

I’m thinking this morning about what life as a human on earth, is about?

Father if you created us for friendship with you and ‘every day..two way’ talks with you our enemy sure knows how to manipulate humanity.

If he had told our first parents you didn’t exist, just a myth I don’t think that would have fooled them.

He knew exactly what to say to deceive them.

And today, in the west among those who consider themselves the most civilised its common for them to dismiss you as a figment of our imagination because they somehow reckon they can satisfy themselves without having to refer to you at all.

Body and Soul but no spirit...


In times past you had to contend with many gods and among many who still see the spirit realm as important you still do...but Satan is still a couple of steps ahead of those who haven’t actually developed a relationship with you.


It’s all to do with replacement David. Satan’s plan even while in heaven was to replace me with himself. It’s been the same with how he deceives mankind. By asking Eve the question, “has God said” he began a process in her mind of having her replace Me with herself although it was really with himself because he wanted her to move her allegiance from from Me to him. And by appealing to her desires and pride he did that very thing.


And so it has been down the generations which is why for you to want to see My people reestablish a relationship of friendship with Me is so much the reverse of his plan...a plan of replacement. These days often with science, with universalism, with the worship of some other thing or entity. Behind it all however, is a plan of death. 


For all that is not birthed in Me leads to death.


I AM the God of life and in me you have life...

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Murray Dennett
In the occult, it is encouraged practitioners get spirit guides. It is good that it is taught God is a far superior guide, for He is the God of the Universe afterall.
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I suppose my thought is that the One who created us did so for a reason. He showed this with Adam and Eve. So that we could walk and talk with him...

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I'm thinking about worship in the church. What has it become? It seems it is mostly confined to what is happening on stage. Some great musicians but what about worshippers? Seems as if we have become pretty good at entertaining people and we are doing that well but what are the minds of the people being filled with?

Father, you are still searching for worshippers...For those who, in their minds are your words, who are longing to know what you are thinking about yet have not learned to ask you and listen to what you are saying...

There are still many who are wondering which is the right place to go to, where is the style that suits me? Is that what it's become, what suits me?

The woman at the well is still saying 'we worship on this mountain...where should I go? When the right question has never got to do with where should i go...

The place to go should never be the point.. Jesus pointed this out when he said, 'the hour is coming when neither in this mountain or in Jerusalem will you worship, the Father is searching for those who will worship in spirit and truth.

The heavens and the earth worships. Creation resounds with sounds of honour to Creator and humanity alone has been given a free will to join with the sounds already there..How blessed are those who have heard a joyful sound

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Keep pressing on..

It’s a journey. A constant journey. I know I can see someone after years and feel as if we just take on where we left off but that, satisfying as it may be, does not really constitute a real relationship…Not what is really necessary to me anyway.

I want our relationship to be so constant, day by day that it is a ‘new every morning’ thing. I want this with all my children.

If only you knew how many revelations, understandings are bottled up waiting to be downloaded into the souls of my children. 

I am bursting with these things. Bursting with them but you must open yourself to me and never be satisfied with the little drops I give you when you come to me.

Jesus is your model. ‘I only do what the father is doing’ is not a casual, every now and again, ‘Hi Abba, what’s up?’

He learned to listen, recognise both my voice and the voice of the tempter that he knew what voice to listen to and what to ignore, or even run from as Joseph did from the woman.


Never be satisfied with the occasional message and send it out to a few and get a few positive comments and be satisfied.   Encourage my people to be hungry for my voice themselves. They are so used to hearing me through others that for most of them the thought that they should talk to me themselves doesn’t even occur. Or that I can talk to them through their own minds in the midst of all they are doing.


  I speak to my children in their own languages. Through their own intellect. Whether their way of thinking is  simple or complicated.

So many make destinations out of methods when methods are just to suit the one to who I am speaking. To those who need to hear, ‘thus saith the Lord’ I will speak this way. I don’t speak to you like this because that is not the way you and I communicate. 

The way, the communication takes place is very individual  and very personal.

The bear at the zoo doesn’t care what colour bucket his food comes in. He just wants the food. Why did I tell you this? It is the food of my word that satisfies.


I love my children so much that I want to pour my word into them but not at a speed that would drown them. My word needs meditating on..




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does God want to talk to us?

Father I would like to write something for the blog, what can I write about?


David, all humans, made in my likeness can talk to me. Our enemy has done very well in shutting down a two way conversation. The thing is, I talk to my children in their own languages. The deceiver has done a great job in putting restrictions on people, in telling them that I would only speak to sinless people, or people with important ministries.

 He is very good at condemning my children, telling them that what they are hearing is just their imagination.

People also think I only speak verses of the Bible and sometimes only certain translations.


I made humans for friendship with Me. If this really is the case it doesn’t make any sense that I wouldn’t want to do what friends do and have a talk with them. About anything.


There’s a real key in Revelation 3:20.


I’m standing at the door (of their minds) and I’m knocking. (the thing is I usually don’t speak until people are listening and ready to answer). If ANYONE hears my knock and listens to My voice, I will come in. 

The thing is David, and you learned this quite recently, people have been given a will of their own.


 I didn’t make puppets David. If I did I would have to pull the strings for people to answer Me. I’m the creator, not a controller. Satan and his angels control, manipulate, coerce and threaten and most people, even ones who trust Me, listen to him.


When I speak there is hope even when there may be a rebuke. There is always hope. 


Let the people hear this David.

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Jonathan Garratt
Just popped on to your web to see what you’re up to now... Dad (Bruce) said you’re working with indigenous music 🎶 I like what you’re up to... I’m keen on music and creatively connecting with our Father Hope to catchup one day Ka kite ano Jonathan
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Give me a call and we can connect. 0275901142
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the eye and the ear

Father, it seems as if people are looking for other people to follow. I’m certain we learn from others but at the end of the day, Your Spirit within us is our teacher, the One who leads us into all truth.


David, it’s important that the eye doesn’t say to the ear, I don’t need you because the ear will hear things from Me that the eye can’t see. 

A reason there is so much disunity within My body is that Satan has deceived people into believing that the revelation they have received from Me, by the way, is everything they need to understand the journey they are on.

This is why, even though I AM your teacher I speak in and through many sources.

In your hearing and seeing allow My truth to settle in your heart, don’t quickly draw conclusions because many thoughts which come quickly are diversions from our enemy.


Adam and Eve didn’t check out the words of the enemy with Me and so his lies deceived them into believing they were true.


I will choose people to allow you to accomplish what is in My heart for you. What I have already revealed to you is important but you already know that My timing is a key to everything.

Just move ahead and listen to everyone who I put before you but make sure everything you do is checked out with Me first of all.


What I have put in your heart is significant. The timing and the people are going to be vital. I have prepared funding in My time for everything.

It is a new day and the trumpet I put in your hand will reach the earth. That which I gave you 50 years ago has been polluted by systems of this world. Rest in My grace and goodness so that as I open doors and create sounds through people you know and many you don’t know, you will marvel and laugh at what is accomplished.


Your wife will always be a key to what you do. Continue to listen to her.

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Be alert in the spirit

Father, this morning I feel as if your Body is being tested. That all our weaknesses are being exploited by our enemy. Fear, lust, unbelief, whatever they happen to be. Our minds are being attacked and our bodies suffering as a result.

I am needing to move and pray in the spirit because I don’t know what else to do. A cloud is seeking to envelop your people and cause us to shrink back in fear and timidity even though You have always been faithful to us.

It is as if your deliverance is near but right now we cannot apprehend it.

David, I know your weakness and the vulnerability of all my children. Keep on praying in the spirit. With all kinds of prayer...keep alert in the spirit. Recognising what is happening. Be strong and realise that not only am I able to come and deliver my beloved children but that I will do so.

Don’t allow fear or apprehension overwhelm you. I am your rock and your salvation...


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listen and learn

Father, your timing and direction is perfect yet it is easy to feel pressured. I wonder about our friend’s advice concerning reducing lifestyle expenses but I can’t get away from the fact that You told both dm and me that you would always look after us in this area. However I do believe we need to take careful steps not to spend unnecessarily.

I also want to take Your steps in terms of eating well and to follow truth rather than hype. Please give Your peace in this area.

Listen and learn...you will learn as you listen. You can easily have the viewpoint that makes you feel you have a complete answer to a situation when in actual fact if you don’t listen you won’t be able to learn that the other person actually offers something which can complete what you actually believed was already completed. Only by truly listening will you learn.

David, never forget that My directions, suggestions and timing are always in peace. 

I am the God of peace. 

Moses struggled at wondering where the plagues where leading to. The Pharoah put up with all sorts of inconveniences that adversely affected Egypt and the common people.

 I knew I would effect him when in his very home, his first born son died. This hit him where the frogs, lice, blood and darkness never did and this death broke his resolve.

 Not only this but it caused the entire nation to send My people away with untold gifts as well. 

You also just need to take the steps I put before you because I know what will turn the hearts of mankind towards favouring you. 

Yes, put out a call for support but don’t try to manipulate people. I will touch those I need to touch the same way I touched the Egyptians which also eventually led to the drowning of their army in the sea.

In the end I destroyed the gods of Egypt..

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Our need for one another

Father I see that even Your chosen people Israel traded with nations around them because they knew they were not complete in themselves.

Song of songs 3:9

‘King Solomon’s carriage is built of wood imported from Lebanon.’

You have made humanity to be incomplete without the help of others yet we all have a tendency to think that we don’t need others, other people, other people groups other nations to make up our own lacks.

You have designed nations so that their understanding of life and living and of knowing You is always only partial and completed by what others who come Your way or who are your neighbours, contribute to you.

If only the colonisers had come to the lands they came to conquer with a thought that the indigenous people who were there before them may have had some foundational truth regarding life in their land.

Foundational understanding which needed to be built into what colonisers brought so that the nation and her people both old and new would be able to live in harmony. It seems however, that this just never happened.

However I can see things beginning to move in this direction now...

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Keep on asking

Father I want to be hearing you more and understanding what you are saying to me because I am quite sure you are wanting to talk to me about encouraging people in need.

Help me to learn to interpret your words.

David, Samuel heard but didn't’ know me and with Jesse’s sons he tried to make a decision without asking me. Sometimes when you aren’t sure, ask Me to clarify because I don’t stop my children acting without asking but for those who are asking I will answer.

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Hello from Canada :) I have been watching Derek Prince's videos on YouTube, and in one video (on prayer and fasting) he mentioned you and your wife. I googled your name and found your website/blog. I just wanted to say hello and tell you how much Mr Prince's ministry means to me today...I am so thankful that his rich teaching from the Word of God is available online. If you were dear friends of Derek and Ruth Prince's, then you must be terrific people! God Bless
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Thanks Lorie

We knew Derek over many years. He and Ruth were a blessing and encouragment to us. In fact the Album we produced, 'First Love' was motivated by his teaching. You can see it as one of 14 Recordings under Scripture in Song.

God bless and encourage you



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50th Anniversary

This blog is about conversations with God. Our creator.

The place where we can talk with the One who made us so that together we can have a genuine relationship. A friendship, not with religion or some sort of ritualistic thing but a friendship where we can talk together at my table, where we can discuss life, my life with all its challenges and joys, its human complexities and how I should act concerning them.

In this conversation I often get pointed to a Bible verse but not always because He isn’t limited to a Bible verse because in Him there is no limitation at all.

He deeply loves all He has made and for His pleasure He created all things.

However this friendship is personal, one on one not something general even though He will be saying similar things to many others who are willing also to listen and ask.

My sheep, said Jesus, listen to My voice and I call them by name...

So Father. This year we celebrate 50 years since we produced our first Scripture in Song recording. 50 years.

Is it significant that we acknowledge this?

Yes David I want to remind My people of what I established through you and Dale as you mobilise My people not merely to remember the past, but My people need again to take up My word for now and allow faith to rise in their hearts for this time.

I looked ahead to this year when you began to lead the people to Me because the earth now needs to hear the power of the voices of My people as they call on Me to rise and speak the word to scatter the enemy. This song was for then for Kona YWAM but it is for now... Summon Your Power O God...

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O Lord, my Lord, how excellent, how wonderful and amazing are you through the hemispheres above, around and below. And mankind, made in your image, will yet give great and wholehearted honour to you and You alone.

I am looking ahead Father knowing a little of Your greatness and expecting much more both at home and in the vision you have/are placing before me... Your name is great and wonderful and amazing...

OK David. The spirit of the world is where the mind of mankind is his god both within and outside the church. This is a major issue. When the expectation of My people is so low that you stay on the level of your own feeble understanding and when rather than seeking for Me you look for more and more from your so very limited minds, a cloud will remain over you.

Look for the signs, whispers, parables and prophecies I have and am already seeding in many of my children, provide for Me good soil for planting.

Expect one hundred fold return because My heart is NOT for 30 or 60 fold...go for 100 fold and you will get it.

This return is not to magnify man, any man or woman but it is to show to the powers of darkness My infinite wisdom.

The cloud is what you saw at the church meeting, it is a limitation, it creates a ceiling just above the heads of the people. A ceiling that can only be broken through by faith, the faith that comes through words and affirmations of truth and expectation.

Don’t look at where you are now, what you have experienced and how you expect to be taught and to teach. These things are just a beginning of what I can and want to do.

Reach, yes REACH for more, much more because for 100 fold much more must be expected and sought for. Seek and find, speak and receive. Honour and glory must yet return to me to demonstrate to darkness that he has no lasting power over those who seek after me with all their hearts.

All emotions can be a part of what I use. Sometimes deep tears, sometimes exuberant joy which by the way is what I am really wanting and what I see among my loved ones as they are being martyred for Me. They go out from one life in Joy and enter into another with Me with greater joy. A Joy that surpasses any and all emotion ever felt on earth

Drive out the cloud that covers. Drive it out by shouts of Joy. You cannot manipulate Me or My ways but your words can help release My Spirit to respond to you. If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed...

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David, Thank you for writing down what you believe Jesus is speaking to you. I feel strengthened and a kindling of a flame of hope. A trial of sorrows has overwhelmed and perplexed my soul but at the end of what you wrote I was reminded of a song I have sung many times in the past: Let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice! Let them ever shout for joy Because thou defendest them. Let them also who love thy name Be joyful in thee. For thou oh Lord will bless the righteous. With favor wilt thou compass him As with a shield! I was able to once again pick up my guitar and, from the depths of my heart, sing this song in prayer. I really want to understand, "100 fold much more must be expected and sought for". As I now look out my windows I look across a farm field that lays barren, in the loosening grip of winter (here in northern Michigan, USA). In about six weeks the farmer will prepare the soil and plant the seed. It is evident he is expecting the seed will yield a large harvest for new irrigation equipment is currently being installed. For a long time I have thought that we each are like a garden or farm field that God plants and tends. He is active, we are passive. However, I see in your post we have more than a passive role. We also must have an active expectant participation and REACH for more!
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Thank you so much for this. I am just now pasting a new blog you might want to read as well.

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When people groups live together

Father, I am  seeing that you gave special understanding to all people groups. It seems though, as happened here in New Zealand, that we all get the idea that we have a complete picture of what we need to help us live, without much reference to what You may have given others even those who came before us.

Yes David, it is so easy for you all to feel superior to others because of what you know when what I have revealed to another people group would give you a far more complete picture of what you need to understand and to take on. Also because the European came in later, what I had already shown to the Maori was and is a foundation stone for you to help you to live together. What I gave them also was never a complete picture because I always designed that you would learn  from each other. In doing so you would gain a far deeper understanding both for your life and how to live in harmony in the land I have placed you in.

When I guide a people group to a land I have prepared for them, I may use wind, stars or sea creatures like whales to guide them, I show them how to use the land and sea to give  provision and health. This is why for native people the land I led their ancestors to holds such significance for them. It is truly 'home'. A sacred, holy place.

For the Maori, when they welcome others into their sacred place this is very very important. However, whether they realise it or not the sacredness is actually My presence. 

listen and learn these things David.

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light and darkness


I tell you the truth, anyone who sneaks over the wall of a sheepfold, rather than going through the gate, must surely be a thief and a robber. But the one who enters through the gate is the shepherd of the sheep. The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep recognise his voice and come to him. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. After he has gathered his own flock, he walks ahead of them because they know his voice. They won’t follow a stranger, they will run from him because they don’t know his voice.
This story seems to have to do with recognising the voice of the shepherd. It is a two way thing because the shepherd also knows his own sheep, by name.

To know the shepherd’s voice is a key to being able to follow him.

Why is the thief wanting to get into the sheepfold, what is he wanting to steal from the sheep?

He is the deceiver, he wants to steal the truth. Steal the relationship the sheep have with the shepherd. He doesn’t come openly, he sneaks in.

However those who know the voice of the shepherd run from the deceiver, they recognise that what he is trying to convince them of are lies whereas as they hear and follow the shepherd his truth becomes obvious and clear to them.

Everything the stranger does is in the darkness rather than the light. there is secrecy in his voice and message whereas the voice of the shepherd is open as he speaks love, care and protection.

So where is the shepherd leading the sheep? He is leading them ‘out of the sheepfold’ and because he leads them by his voice and leads them in the light they will always be safe from deception.

So a key understanding is that God is light and darkness has no place in him at all. Our spiritual enemy loves darkness, secrecy and deception. If we walk in the light as He is in the light we have fellowship with each other and the blood of Jesus God’s son cleanses us from all sin.

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build on foundations

Father, do you have something to say to me today.

 David, keep establishing the foundations I have put into you so that you know what and who you are building on.

Keep recognising what I have called you for and fulfill these things with those I have placed around you.

Take seriously what you say and do because this is vital. There are times that you throw away opportunities that should be applied with care but without religion.

There are some stones set in place from your childhood that are important and others that need discarding. Handle your life with appropriate care and with lightness of spirit.

I still laugh at the struggles of mankind including leaders of nations who are doing their best to ignore me or at best place me on an equal footing with gods who are no gods at all.

Many leaders have been afflicted by blindness causing them to make foolish decisions. However as my people pray as many are in these days I will continue to expose unrighteousness which will happen more and more. These are not times to push for what you imagine is the right thing but rather follow my voice and see where I direct.

A step at a time is what I am wanting from my people.

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following the way of Jesus

this morning I am thinking about the words of Jesus to his followers.

This from ‘the Message’... Matthew 11:28-30

 “Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you.Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”

Learn the unforced rhythms of grace.

Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”

Father these words seem so necessary to me these days. I feel under almost constant pressure to ‘do’ things and not from a place of rest.

This is not new to me. However it is obviously something I still need to embrace to the point of seeing it as a way of life

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Herbert B Or
Matt. 11 vs 28-30 I picture that Jesus is thru the left opening & myself in the right of a yoke. He takes the force of my burden and all I have to do is walk in tandem with Him.This way His burden is light to me. So, I sing this hymn "Take your burden to the Lord and leave it there, If you trust and never doubt: He will surely bring you out."
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David, I have shown you that I understand the weakness of mankind. Nevertheless the good clean soil free from weeds is what I am wanting so that what I plant is not contaminated by that which hinders growth.

Weeds are a part of the fall and they will always be there to be pulled out. The weeds are there to remind you of the actions, words, negative thoughts that come and conceal what I am wanting to do.

Matthew 13 18 “Listen then to what the parable of the sower means: 19 When anyone hears the message about the kingdom and does not understand it, the evil one comes and snatches away what was sown in their heart. This is the seed sown along the path. 20 The seed falling on rocky ground refers to someone who hears the word and at once receives it with joy. 21 But since they have no root, they last only a short time. When trouble or persecution comes because of the word, they quickly fall away. 22 The seed falling among the thorns refers to someone who hears the word, but the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth choke the word, making it unfruitful. 23 But the seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it. This is the one who produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.”

This story is about ‘understanding’. The difference between those who had the seed snatched from them and those who produced a good crop has to do with understanding the word that was sown.

Understanding is not merely understanding the words, this is easy. It is however understanding the meaning of what is scattered. This understanding is conveyed by the Spirit. It is understanding the importance of the ‘word’ so that trouble, persecution, worries and deceitfulness of wealth are also understood as being of less value than the ‘word’ and not allowed to nullify the understanding.

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Do you believe that God speaks to you? If so, how can you be sure the voice you hear is God and not just...you? I strongly suggest that you watch this short video on this subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJMSU8Qj6Go
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Thanks Gary, I watched what you suggested. I am so greatful God has given me a free will...

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Kenneth Rose
Most modern cults are based on feelings and modern revelations. Scripture in Song was an instant success because it focused on Scripture. I suspect millions of people memorized scripture effortlessly through your songs. I would hope that the focus remains on Scripture.
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Kenneth Rose
This is a video I watched a long time ago that explaines this. It is an old film and takes a while to get to the point but I realy enjoyed it and the message. https://youtu.be/dytsA6BGP1Y
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Here's the interesting thing. I find I can always find a Scripture to back up what I'm hearing. I think there are times when we understand superficially what the Bible is saying when our teacher (the Spirit) can expand on what we think the words mean.

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Days of preparation

Father, in reading Lance Wallnau’s book ‘God’s chaos candidate’ I am impressed at how you work in a short term way.

What I mean is that you create a situation where you raise up a Nehemiah often over many years of personal listening and preparation and then You pour out your Spirit for just as long as Your people are able to continue to trust You and not get side tracked into trying to capture what You are doing and replicate it in the flesh.

This is what Paul talked to the Galatian church about.

So Father You are preparing many in these days. People to whom You have given a variety of emphasis and various visions all of which are important but none of which are the entire message.

You long for unity in the diversity of what you are doing. A unity that will last long enough for multiplied millions to hear your voice and come into Your kingdom with Joy.

Because I also am one of many who are being prepared in these days, I need to fully establish the disciplines You have instilled and are instilling in me so that I don’t get sidetracked into anything that elevates humanity above You.

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My relationship with Father

Well Father, I’ve spent a bit of time thanking people who have expressed love and greetings on my birthday.

You are my guide, the One whose relationship I cherish more than any other. You put up with me in so many ways yet patiently teach me in the midst of all my ups and downs. Thank you for making yourself real to me. For the way you have guided me over all these years. I love you my Father for showing Your love to me too.

David it’s an interesting journey but many of my dearest children still don’t know what it is to join in the trinity of My love. There is still so much more room here and many more will yet come.
Days of great turmoil are yet to come but the battle will end in victory for those on My side. I take sides with those who take sides with me!
The wall around Jericho or any other structure mankind might build against Me will never stand before the shout of My people... You are to encourage that shout!!

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Listening, this is what it is about. Those who have ears to hear...listen to what the Father is saying to the prophets.

A prophet is simply a listener. Anyone who hears from Father’s heart. A whisper, a thought, a revelation.

Elijah on the mountain.

1 Kings 19 ‘and after the fire, a still, small voice. And it was when Elijah heard it he wrapped his face in his mantle and went out and stood in the entrance of the cave...’

Coming to a place of listening. Of being able to hear beyond the noise of all that is going on around.

In Elijah’s case it was a strong wind, an earthquake and a fire all before the still, small, voice.

David. The wind, the earthquake and the fire are all there, designed to keep My children from hearing My whisper. They are all attention grabbers, newspaper headlines, physical pains, financial worries, relational pressures, natural disasters, early deaths, weather patterns, earthquakes, unusual winds and fires....

In and with it all, My whisper still comes to those who even in their own distress as Elijah was, can hear because they have learned to listen.

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Talofa I just popped in to say hello. I am married to Robert Lolesio - 24 years. We were part of Heartbeat all those years ago...Just wanted to thank you for all that you have done over the years and that I grew up in your music when I first became a solo christian at 18 yrs...We have three awesome children and are serving the Lord Praise God...Gods continued blessing on your life
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David Garratt
thanks for contacting me. We are still in close contact with Luke and Marieta
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Thank you, the Lord led me to you. I am learning to listen, to be still and know that He is God.
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David Garratt
The amazing thing is that our God treats all of us in a very personal way if this is what we want. At the same time he never violates our free will
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learn to listen

Father, I love you, there is no one like you with such an amazing plan for mankind.

You are longing to see this reconciliation take place between You and your creation. You made it all in such an intricate way and then through the wonder of sending Jesus to show Your true heart You made a way for us to climb Your hill and stand before you.

We don’t come because we are clean but because You made a way for us to become right. Not by the blood of bulls and goats but with the precious blood of Your son.

The world is such a shambles, so much death and destruction yet you speak in it all. The joy Jesus had before Him when He endured the cross was the joy of delighting Your heart through bringing everything on earth back to You. What joy, what wonder and delight. Thank you Father..

David, day by day My voice calls out. Day by day for those who are hearing I am available to speak.

You have ears to hear David but you still need to listen more. Pray for your ears to hear David. Come often to that place where we can sit together and I can share My longings with you.

There is a joy before you David, a joy of finding that all the things about the land, the Maori, unity, all of it, you will yet see come to pass. And much more.

I am building My church not made with hands. It cannot and will not, be broken although many will give their lives in the building. My beloved ones. My treasures who long for me alone..

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Wow, this is beautiful indeed. It is completely resounding what we were sharing about. Incredible things. i enjoy these moments - when our hearts think as one in Christ. The Father is indeed speaking..Amen
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David Garratt

yes, he is speaking all the time and for those who have ears to hear, they will receive words directly from God himself.

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seeking God

Father, the interesting thing for me is that although what you told me yesterday is important it is just like a foundation for what you want to say today.

It is so easy to think that what you have said about any given subject is all there is to know about it and therefore to sort of settle with that when you are opening a door just a bit and giving me a glimpse of what you want me to search for.

So the question is...am I going to settle for this glimpse (and perhaps even talk about it) or am I going to get greedy for more?

“Seek the Lord while he may be found; call upon him while he is near; let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, that he may have compassion on him, and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.

So many Scriptures about finding God if we ‘seek’ after Him. This is just one of many.

Father I need your compassion, your pardon and I am grateful that you are available to be found in these days.

David I have told you many times I have much more to show you. It is as you search for times of listening to Me that I will guide you into all truth.

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what I'm really like

Please talk to me Father.

David no one understands the extent of My heart for humanity.

My heart is to expose the lies of the evil one and show the reality of who I AM.

The present, all loving eternal God who created humanity for the pleasure of having a relationship with all those created in My image.

Because of the deceiver/accuser, few come into this relationship that is full of trust and exceeding joy even though it is available to everyone. However I am giving you David the opportunity to tell people what I am really like but you first must experience this yourself.

So Father do I first of all need to learn more about you before I try to put anything out there?

No David find a way to put it out so it can be added to because you will never be able to fully describe all that I am like.

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Stand still and see God's salvation

As I look back 40 years to the Charismatic movement and recall how the leadership at the time both locality and from America became controllers which effectively shut down much of what You were planning, I recall thinking that on the next occasion we may be in the position to comment on this and hopefully have a say.

Having said this it is Your word and way we are looking for and it must be yours alone. When I think about ‘Stand and see the salvation of God’, I realise that I have to put all the plans I am thinking about, just before You.

I am so used to the idea of producing something in line with what You are saying but perhaps I won’t do that at all.

Financially this thought doesn’t excite me although You have never let us down so why should I worry now? I do just won’t to be an do what you have called me to be and do and to develop relationships with those You call me to.

David, I know that within you are many treasures that would reveal Me to many people. I have hidden you from many even those who knew you as a distant memory. I can bring you out again but will do so for both Dale and you as it serves what is in My heart.

My longing is for the whole world and I have many known and unknown even now being prepared to shine for a day, a week, a year or longer. Don’t concern yourself with these things. You will yet see My salvation reach the ends of the earth.

1 corinthians 2:9-13

“What no eye has seen,     

what no ear has heard,

what no human mind has conceived

the things God has prepared for those who love him

Keep listening...

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Glenda Daly
Just what I wanted to hear; thank you. Profound words.
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Now this makes sense to me - " i have hidden you " recently the Father spoke to me about the deposits in my heart but how he cant expose me yet..." very intriguing our God.. i was concerned about a number of things- thinking i wasnt really being all i am supposed to be - God is so good
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One of the most amazing things about our God is that He is so personal. He sees us individually and leads us one on one if this is what we want
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He restores my soul

This morning before my family woke I was sitting out on the deck as the morning lightened over the mountain in the east and the birds began their songs for the day.

 There was a light breeze, strong enough that the leaves of the trees and palms moved in response as each began their own dance to the zephyr around them.

The sound I heard was a sound of life, new life, as the breeze caused some of the branches and flowers to sway while for the palms in particular, a light clapping could be heard as their fonds brushed together in a touch of joyful oneness.

 I silently stood there for a few moments and a thought came forcefully to my mind...a part of Psalm 23

‘He restores my soul’ was the phrase that came to me and as I considered this phrase I began to meditate on its meaning.

‘Restore’ is to return to it’s original condition.

‘My soul’ is my mind...thoughts, my emotions... and my decisions..my will.

So what, I began to think, was the original condition of my soul that my shepherd is promising to restore ?

A soul without restrictions, control or demands. Freedom to choose, to decide in all areas of life whether positive or negative.

So my Creator is promising to allow me to begin again with the hope that in my decision making I will  follow His guidance.

It’s actually all about a call to join with the trees in a relationship with Him. After all this is what He is wanting more than anything else...

A few phrases from the Psalm:

The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want

He makes me lie down in green pastures

He leads me beside still waters

He restores my soul

He guides me towards a relationship with Him

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God's whisper

Sit with Me David.

Notice how the tree lifts her branches in worship. Learn from her..

As at her foundations she maintains and position of worship so her fine upper branches move to the slightest breeze.

She is worshiping her creator and the wind of the Spirit is enabling her to hear.

 It is from a place/position of worship that you will best be able to hear Me, My whisper. In this place also I will move you from the place of vulnerability to temptation.

…11After the earthquake a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire; and after the fire a sound of a gentle blowing. 13When Elijah heard it, he wrapped his face in his mantle and went out and stood in the entrance of the cave. And behold, a voice me to him and said, "What are you doing here, Elijah?"…

After the earthquake there was a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire there was a voice, a soft whisper. And Elijah wrapped his cloak around his head and stood in the entrance of the cave.. 2 Kings 19

Elijah recognised God’s voice in the gentle whisper.

I want to be able to hear also the whisper of Your voice.

The wind blows where it wants to and you hear it’s sound but don’t knew where it comes from or where it is going to, so Is everyone born of the Spirit. John 3:8

There are many different voices and I speak in many ways. However I am wanting you to learn to hear Me in a gentle whisper

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Ministering in India

Father, thank you so much for these days and what they are teaching me.
It is a blessing to learn, to listen and also to share something of Your heart.

David, I have invested so much in the people groups of the earth, so much, so hidden from you and from other believers also.

Yet because I gave mankind a free choice it has always been easier for those from Western culture to push aside what I have invested in the people of the land than to stop and listen long enough to learn of the treasure I have placed in them.

As you listen to me and share your heart I will open the ears of My people so that some will truly never be the same.

Allow Me to choose those you sit beside, those who in themselves will influence others in My ways.

They need to understand this is a battle but that the battle is mine but I will use people to fight. Let Me put My truth on your lips David. It is only My truth that is able to set people free.

Yes Father I will try to hear Your voice. Please guide me into Your truth by Your Holy Spirit. Show me when to shut up and allow the people to share. When to hear Your word through others whether people I respect or not.

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 Just had my first night here in Lonavala India.

Tonight I am feeling I need to know what it is to give and receive from these people.

There is such an expectation of the teacher/pupil thing. God is wanting to turn this around so that we actually do learn from one another and not in any condescending type of way.

I need God’s wisdom with this. Even Jesus’ disciples argued as to who among them was greatest and Satan said, ‘I will be as the most high’ 

 The thing about titles and control is such an issue. It’s not that God doesn’t place people in leadership but I think the gifts speak for themselves rather than the need to have a title for us to need to show our place.

Jesus said, ‘You call me teacher and master and it’s true but if I your teacher wash your feet you need to do the same.

If you know these things you are blessed if you do them’.

I’ve just read through John 13. An amazing chapter about serving, love, betrayal and sorrow. Yet how much do I still want recognition, applaud and to know man’s favour when in actual fact what I really need is to understand what it means to wash the feet of those who expect me to teach them.

 So what is foot washing?

Peter knew it was something only a servant, a slave really, would do and it was too much for him to see that the one he had given his life to follow would actually be a slave in front of them. It didn’t fit, it doesn’t fit with teacher and master. But Jesus was saying, ‘if you know these things you will be blessed if you do them’.

A servant is not greater than his master yet Jesus here was demonstrating what being a teacher in His kingdom actually looked like, looks like.

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Your love

Last night with Rowan’s boys I mentioned Romans 8 and how different songs are embedded within those verses.

What can separate me from the Love of God

Nothing can, No one can

What can part me from Your love No one.

Not angels Not demons

Not life or death itself

What can separate me from Your love Nothing..

In Jesus Christ I am secure

As in a rock when storm goes by

Nothing can part me from Your love Nothing...

If God is for us on our side

He gave His son to die

will He not freely give us all

He will

what can part me from Your love

Nothing can Nothing will

What great words, I would love to

see them developed into a song. We need songs like this Father. Songs of life and truth

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Learning to hear

This morning I’m thinking about the way we want to hear Your words then make our minds up if or not we will obey what you tell us to do...

The word I gave the church on Saturday night was encouraging them to move on.

To hunger after what You had for them ahead.

Not too sure they will.

That is not your responsibility David. Share in and with My love but know that My people will always take or leave what I say to them regardless of how it comes.

I speak with grace and care for all My children even those I know will ignore My words. You don’t need to make My words strong and hard, provided what you share is from Me then your emotion is not what will move people towards doing what you say.

It is whether or not their hearts are soft towards Me.

It is the same with you too David. Hear My whisper, listen carefully and as you obey you will recognise more and more My words to you.

I don’t shout. My knock is easy to ignore or misinterpret. My words come like a gentle breeze and most allow the sound to pass them by without a question as to where it comes from.

Samuel became trained to recognise My voice. It sounded, to him, so much like the voice of Eli that three times he was convinced it was.

Listen, hear, respond and obey.


Father let me talk with you today

to hear Your voice and listen to Your whisper in my mind

I’ll write your revelation on this page

and then go out obeying what You say.

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trinity unity

 John 17 v 20-23

I do not ask for these only, but also for those who will believe in me through their work, that they many all be one, just as you Father , are in me, and I in You that they also may be in us so that the world may believe that You have sent me.

The European will have to humble himself and listen and the Indigenous person is going have to get up in humility too and step forward.

Then I got the revelation that the unity You are looking for is not the sort of unity we can work out ourselves, its TRINITY UNITY.

It’s the relationship within the trinity which is why Jesus says ‘even as we are one’. This is truly ‘one new man’ unity. However we can never attain to this unity without the Holy Spirit’s help. It is impossible

Trinity Unity is what Jesus is talking about. It not a unity that is negotiated like a contract.

So part, perhaps a major part of this unity is that it is worked out within the Godhead.

To obtain this unity we will require your help, direction and guidance. We will need to stand in your presence to get Your direction. We will go with Your hand on us.

Father, anything else?

David ‘that the world might know’ is not something you can achieve by trying to work it out in your own. Meekness is not some sort of softness where you always submit to the other’s point of view. It is where your oneness is gained because you together are able to find my heart. it is as we together sit at the table and talk and share a meal. 

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Encourage others

Father it is amazing to be able to talk with You. I’m typing up Journals from 2000 onwards and it’s so interesting to see what we were going through.

David, My Spirit is your guide. She knows how to guide you and intercede for you too. It’s not that we didn’t show you how to act in those days it’s more that you didn’t know how to listen. But now you can so your teacher can see you respond to Her guidance more than before. Keep listening, learning and obeying.

It is good for you to be looking back as well as forward. There is no way I will leave you to fend for yourself...EVER. Keep listening and learning. Keep looking for opportunities to show grace to others.

All people need courage and most don’t find others to bless often because they don’t imagine others need it. Everyone needs courage every day.

Be an encourager. You want to talk about the ‘big’ things Don’t you? Your housing, prep for Kawerau,and I want to talk about today.

Encourage people today. ‘sufficient for the day is its evil’. As you listen to Me for each day you will find the ‘big’ things will be covered too but in the right time and sequence.

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord who delights to order his steps. That’s steps David not leaps. Just steps. As you allow me I will show you the steps to take today.

What do you think about referring to the Holy Spirit as 'She'? Seems really natural to me but certainly doesn't fit my theology.

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Why dont you stick to Scripture?????!!!! You are on sand otherwise, if not worse.
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David Garratt
I think you will find that these conversations are based on Scripture.
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Thanks for this David. But why is the Holy Spirit referred to as HER?
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I am with you all the time.

 David, I AM. I am present with you. Alongside you even when you aren’t aware of Me being there. I want you to learn to recognise Me, visualise Me here, right with you.

 Father I’m at peace today but a bit sort of confused...

David I use you in your weakness and will do so this weekend.

I’m not interested in working with someone who only prays with their natural mind,even though on many occasions they only offer Me their minds and natural thinking to work with. This means that people stumble until they desperately need Me then they call to me.

You don’t need to go through this, I am with you, alongside you and ready always to guide you . I make all things new.

David, Hear My voice. It is in hearing you will teach others to listen. Not eloquence . I don’t need that.

Father. please guide me as I move forward today, please bless my family and make their day productive too.

 David. Continue to converse with Me even as you do other things. Typing like this is fine but it is limited you know. So do what you want to and be listening and asking and talking.

I’m not just present when we type together.Listen and learn. Ask and receive understanding. I will give you wisdom as you communicate with the various indigenous people you are to be around. 

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The land and healing

We are driving through the land and so much of it is barren and at the best only partially productive... the result of mankind’s greed and evil intent.

Much of the land seems naked.

Father freedom for the land excites me a lot and I realise you are wanting to give me songs, more songs that can be taken to the land, this land.

David, when a farmer ploughs his soil what is underneath is exposed. These are days of exposure. The kingdom of God is like a man who found a treasure in a field. That which was not his own. Notice he hid the treasure AGAIN. It is a treasure hidden to everyone except those who are listening and looking and digging.

He knew there was something to find, hidden even from the owner of the field. It is hidden in the land. You recognise the emphasis these days on trafficking of women and girls, on abuse and devastation and being left alone. This is a picture of how the land feels. Of why it groans and is uncomforted.

I can see, in your time, a team going out and touching down in many parts of this land, lighting fires and seeing words of freedom spread around the land.

You created the land to serve and it does serve but like a one arm man. It’s service is terribly hindered because mankind instead of fathering her abuses her leaving her broken, devastated and unmarried.

See the land set free David through the cross of Jesus and see women set free also through the cross..

Everyone can see and understand the way women are abused but only those who are looking will see the abuse of the land and how it is linked. The shed blood of Jesus is going to be the only key for creation to get back to what the Creator intended in the first place.

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This morning as usual I fed the sparrows on the deck. It is so interesting to see how they act.

Some come quickly, grab a piece of bread and fly away to eat it.

Most of them wait for another bird to lead them but because of fear often fly off quickly because I am nearby.

They hop along until they are just a short distance from food they actually want, and then flit away.

Then when one bird takes a piece others come too or try to take it from the first one.

Others just sit on a branch preening themselves and watching the action.

Sparrows are so much like humans.

Dale and I began Scripture in Song in 1968 with a small 45rpm recording of nine songs. A few years later, others followed suit.

Often those who follow make a better job of the original because they see how it can be improved and made ‘better’.

In the spirit this is where we need to be careful because something can be better say musically but not have the touch of God, the inspiration, that was there at first.

Reminds me of the second recording we did in 1969. The piano player on the first Album suggested he do the next one as he could do a far more professional job. We were flattered and allowed him to do what he wanted.

The recording he produced was certainly more musically interesting than our first one. The singers had to learn harmonies and the music was quite complicated. However no one seemed interested in it so we reverted to what we had done in the first place and the next one took off again.

 We were learning to understand where our trust lay.

Our album ‘Praise the name of Jesus’ is a prime example of this.

It was so inferior musically to even what we had done ourselves several years before, but God told us, ‘you plant this seed and I will look after the fruit’.

He certainly multiplied it through many other ‘live’ albums especially in England.

 ‘Unless the Lord builds the house then those who do build it labour in vain...`Unless the Lord watches over the city the watchmen watch in vain’.

What You bless Father is blessed and You bless that which honours You. And at the end of the day this doesn’t even really have to do with sales!

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Praise Worship Spiritual warfare

Father, this morning I am looking at this Scripture you gave me yesterday in 2 Chron 20 as you show me the link between these things.

I’m also realising that the happenings recording in the Old Testament are to instruct us now.

Romans 15:4

For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.

 In 2 Chron 20 we can see an example of this when King Jehosophat and Judah were confronted by three armies:

The king prayed, O our God, will you not execute judgment on them? For we are powerless against this great horde that is coming against us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you…

And the Spirit of the Lord came upon Jahaziel in the midst of the assembly and he said "Do not be afraid and do not be dismayed at this great horde for the battle is not yours but God’s.”

Then Jehoshaphat bowed his head with his face to the ground and all Judah fell down fore the Lord worshiping.

And  Levites, of the Kohathites and Korahites stood up to praise the Lord, the God of Israel, with a very loud voice…

When he had taken counsel with the people, Jehosophat appointed those who were to sing to the Lord and praise him in holy attire, as they went before the army, and say,

Give thanks to the Lord for his steadfast love endures forever’

and when they began to sing and praise, the Lord set an ambush against their enemies and they all helped to destroy each other...

Here we are seeing a link between praise, worship and warfare as with faith in God they responded to His word.

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Unity in diversity

 Amanda Jordan arrived from Sydney yesterday and told us about some teachers she is listening to including NT Wright who I hadn’t heard of.

You will learn from the revelation others have and you also learn from Me. Both are important but because My Spirit is your teacher you need to allow Him to guide you. He guides you into all truth.

Too many of my children rely only on what they hear from men which because of diversity of revelation and understanding can lead them into confusion.

At the same time you don’t have to accept all you hear from one person who might well have great revelation from Me in an area while lacking in understanding in another.

Sometimes people shore up their revelation in such a way that it blocks what else I might have to tell them. In this way people can be boxed into a corner. It’s the same problem the Corinthian church had, ‘I am of Paul, I am of Apollos...’ 

If you run everything by Me you will know clearly the direction I am taking you.

Always keep in mind I don’t reveal the same thing to everyone. Even though you will tend to follow people who seem to be led in similar ways to yourself you need to understand the importance of diversity within My Body.

Unfortunately however, it is this diversity that often leads into disunity among My people.

Paul’s use of the human body to describe the Body of Christ is a great illustration of what diversity is about. It also shows what happens when people reject someone else’s perspective because it is at variance to their own.

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A posture of listening

I am so blessed and excited Father by the way you are so willing to lead and direct me.

I’m thinking of this verse in Romans 8 about being led by Your Spirit as Your son.

Romans 8:14 ‘For as many as are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God’ Pretty amazing.

Reminds me of when Jesus said to his disciples, …"You are My friends if you do what I command you.

"No longer do I call you slaves, for the slave does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all things that I have heard from My Father I have made known to you.

Jesus was able to speak of Me as his Father because of His closeness to Me. We were in fellowship all the time He was on earth so that even when it seemed He was distracted by people like the time the woman touched the hem of his garment, that was My leading.

I lead My sons to be flexible. They might begin with one purpose and direction but then something happens and they move in another direction.

So while this woman was ‘distracting’ Jesus, Jairus’ daughter died and a word came ‘don’t trouble the teacher any more, the girl has gone’.

However the ‘distraction’ led to a great miracle as the girl was not just healed from an illness but raised from the dead.

Think of it David. The ‘distraction’ led to something greater because My Son was listening to Me.

However He wasn’t just listening in the sense of ‘do this, do that’. He was constantly turning His ear to hear. He had a continual posture of hearing.

The fact is I am constantly speaking to everyone but how many have a posture of hearing and for how much of the time?


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God\'s voice

I have thought for a while now  that Your voice is being heard everywhere because you speak to the earth all the time.

today I read Psalm 19:

‘the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament proclaims Your handiwork. Day after day pours forth speech, and night after night shows forth knowledge...’

Humans of every language and culture are able to hear Your voice from the heavens and not only hear but also talk to You.

This thought reminds me of Psalm 89:15

‘blessed and to be envied are the people who know the joyful sound...they walk in the light and favour of Your countenance, in Your name they rejoice all the day and their relationship with You lifts them up’

I am so blessed to know that You knock at the door of our hearts all the time, You make it possible for us to progressively come to understand your heart for us.

Yes David, more and more people are being impressed by the fact that I AM speaking. Moses had a conversation with me at the burning bush and many of my people are talking to Me day by day.

Just as the heavens above make a variety of sounds so my people are hearing different expressions of Me.

Enjoy hearing  the conversations others have with me because together My people create a picture of Me that will add to deeper understanding of what I am really like...

You talk about diversity and there is no way that a single person can fully understand what I am really like. Listen to each other too.

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flow of Living Water

Do you have anything to say Father?

David. I want you to know I am with you. That these talks we have really are Me not some figment of your imagination.

I share things, I hold things back, I am at work in all my children that their faith in Me would grow. Every one of my children has their own stumbling block. That which hinders the flow of Living Water.

I am at work in you all so that the things blocking that flow, for it is a flow, may progressively be removed.

 There are still areas where a flow needs to be greater so that your walk with Me enables the salt and light to become more and more that which will more fully represent Me.

Jesus was tempted in every way as any man yet His relationship with Me enabled Him to stand against it all.

These talks and the impressions you get concerning Me are designed to help you to walk in the light and be less and less be deceived by the enemy who is so good at deceiving even the greatest of My people.

I understand mankind, I want to see 100% fruitfulness and that is what I am working towards with you and all my sons and daughters.

However so many still try to walk a line between light and darkness to ‘get the best of both worlds’ when there is in fact no such thing.

To follow Me wholly is to get the best both for this world naturally and in the spirit.

 The disappointment I feel when My children fail to trust Me is because I know how much more they could enjoy the joy of living if they trust.

It is a disappointment for them because I see their potential. 

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Hunger for more...

Father I know how the Bible describes you in a way as if you are like a human.

Your eye, Your mighty hand, Your emotions...I guess it’s to give us a grasp of You in terms we understand.

Matthew 10:29

What is the price of two sparrows--one copper coin? But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it.

When Jesus said this it this is completely outside  human understanding.

Vast David. My ways and thoughts are beyond you but I will still relate to you in ways you understand.

You are touching the spirit realm David while seeing little.

There is so much more you will yet touch.

I AM everywhere.  I want you to experience My heart more and more.

Vast, expansive, all consuming. I cannot in anyway at all be compared with man made gods or even those purported to be Mine but who don’t resemble Me at all.

Sweep aside your faithlessness David, your small and restricted thinking. you are still like a caged canary that is free to fly but afraid to move away from the confines of a cage. The cage gives you a security in which you can talk about freedom as you flit from one landing place to another.

Real freedom is unrestricted, unrestrained by natural thinking. The poor in spirit...those who know their need of Me. They will be satisfied David.

 You hunger for more don’t you David? How about ‘rivers of living water’? Rivers David, not even streams let alone trickles or drips.

This is my promise for the thirsty.

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Father I have a meeting coming up with these musicians/songwriters and others who are having conversations with you. Is there any preparation I should give them for this time?

Find out what they are doing to find a place of being in tune with me for the day/night.

Any who want to share should do so.

For me, praying in the spirit is such a key for me to get to a place of worship and listening.

Yes, but learn from one another. The important thing is ‘daily’ preparation so that at any time I call on you to respond to Me in one way or another, you are ready. Ready to be salt and light. Not hidden or flavourless but just ready to ‘be’ whatever you are called to be whatever the situation.

I want your light to shine, your face to reflect Me, your words to be My words, many or few.

That because you are drinking deeply from the well of Living Water within you, out of your heart this water will flow. Right now it is more of a trickle, it needs to flow.

John 7:14

'about the middle of the feast jesus went up into the temple and began teaching. The Jews marvelled saying ‘How is it that this man has learning when he has never studied? So Jesus answered them, My teaching is not mine but His who sent me....

v37 On the last day of the feast, the great day, Jesus stood up and cried out, ‘If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in Me as the Scripture has said, Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’ (he spoke about the Spirit who was not yet given)

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Father, is there something You would like to talk to me about?

David, yes. I want to talk about unity.

The unity among the Trinity is unconditional with each One understanding their own place and role and being delighted to maintain it.

The human body is a true example of unity as each part functions properly. The ears are completely comfortable with hearing as the eyes are with seeing.

In the same way true unity within a group of My people comes as each member is satisfied with their own calling while at the same time having a real sense of needing others to complete what is lacking in their own gifting.

It is within this humble submission that the body functions properly and becomes both Salt and Light. As such the ‘good works’ seen by those outside become a true demonstration of Body relationships as being a reflection of Our trinity unity.

Salt makes you thirsty... but if the salt has lost what makes you thirsty it is valueless because what makes you thirsty is also an

enhancer of the flavour of what it is applied to.

So if I am the ‘salt of the earth’ I am carrying something of the flavour of God so that people will be thirsty for Him.

Then light. Light brings clarity out of darkness and that clarity is to show the truth about God

The light I am is to clearly show people the truth of what He is really like. Then they will glorify my Father in heaven... 

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Why won't My people listen to Me?

Father, I’m thinking about various people, often friends, who I talk to about conversing with You but even though I tell them this is the most important thing You have ever told me they still don’t seem to want to talk to you themselves?

I send some of my talks to these people and many tell me they appreciate getting them but still don’t appear to be motivated into talking to You directly themselves.

I’m thinking of people who whose lives have been changed completely because they trust You and yet somehow, the idea of talking with you face to face doesn’t seem to be something they long for.


Is it because one on one conversations with you are so outside what they have known in the past that it is just too scary to try?


Or maybe they feel they won’t like whatever they think You will say to them?


Or perhaps they are content with their relationship with you now and don’t feel the need for anything different?


For me, probably because of the Journey You had led me on, to talk with You the way I do was the most natural next step.

David, when I told you people have been deceived from the beginning as to My true heart for them I was talking about all humanity.


When you are deceived, you don’t know it.

You yourself don’t understand the full truth of My heart for you and I am working to free you from deception too.


So much of what religion teaches gives a distorted view of Me.

However, I still call any who will, to come and talk. To come and listen so I can let them know how much I love and care for them. Individually, personally and corporately.

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listening, hearing, learning

Father let me know some things I can talk about that honour You.


 So many believers live in such a way that the Holy Spirit is not really part of their lives even though He is in them. There is going to be a desperate need for my people to rely on their teacher, the One who leads all who want to be led, into all truth.


People will be looking to understand what is happening and how they can live in peace and protection from terrorism and all sorts of natural disaster. The closer you live and listen to me, the more, what I am investing in you is going to be able to be shared with others.

Keep spending time with me both alone and when you are with others...

Father, I get the impression that time spent listening to You is becoming more and more important...

David, My sheep hear my voice. They hear because they are listening. They hear because they recognise I am actually sharing My heart with them even though for many the idea of a conversation one on one with Me has never entered their minds except when out of the blue a 'word' comes.

This is not relationship, a sitting together, talking one on one. It is just not taught even though, in these days, it is vital.

I want to speak daily, hourly even minute by minute with my children so that more and more their minds are Mine. Think of the Scripture, 'You have the mind of Christ'...

1 Corinthians 2:16

For, "Who can know the LORD's thoughts? Who knows enough to teach him?" But we understand these things, for we have the mind of Christ. 



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What will I settle for?

Father, I want my expectation to rise so I can see you doing more and more in our relationship. I realise that I set the limit, not You. 

How much of people’s life goes by in fruitless endeavours. you are the door, create ways for us where there is no way. Help all my family to begin to experience more of your supernatural way.

So many humans both believers and non believers live life at a low level. Our expectations and our satisfactions are so low. 

Father I hunger and thirst for you that rivers of Living water would flow from my heart.

 I work with people and with nothing at all David. I work through angels and through weather patterns. Nothing is too hard or way out for me.

Most of my children settle for far less, Yes far less than they need to. They don’t continue to ask and keep on asking for further revelation and understanding because they see what they already have gets enough acclamation from others who find their revelation enough when it never is enough. 

There is still much more oil for those who have another vessel.


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'On the final day of the feast Jesus stood up and called out, If anyone is thirsty come to Me and drink. Out of his inner heart will flow rivers of Living water'.

Father, I have been writing about ‘thirst’. If anyone thirsts, come and be satisfied.

How do I encourage people to be thirsty?

David. Thirst comes from Me.

The difficult circumstances of life are what often generates thirst in people. 

It might be  a sense of futility with the status quo. 

A dissatisfaction that causes people to long for something more. 

Even that which makes you want to pursue Me as your highest goal is generated by thirst.

To thirst requires people to move from their current place of comfort. It will create a change in life’s priorities. That’s why He said, ‘come’.


If people do not respond to Me when they are thirsty they will satisfy their desire elsewhere. 

They might become extra busy with activites that will push the thirst away. They might resort to medication to dull their senses.


Jesus could have said, ‘Is anyone here sick and tired of all this stuff? All this listening to words and following rituals led by professional deadheads?

If you are, come to Me and hear My Father’s true heart for you. And not only for you but he will satisfy you so much that what He gives you will effect others too.’



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Three important things...

You want to talk about three things you are looking from me so you can download more revelation...

First of all, Prayer, just spending time praying in the spirit to get my heart into a place of listening.

Yes David, listening is something few people know about especially in the western world where doors to further understanding of My ways have been locked shut.

When people believe they have a complete revelation on any truth they usually close a door to Me downloading anything more on that subject.


So praying mysteries opens you up to more hearing..


Listen, I stand at the door and knock if anyone hears My voice and opens the door I will come in and sit with them at their table..


Simple yet profound.

The second thing which can be linked is worship. This also opens heaven’s door.


The reason I had you use music is that music is a wonderful carrier of words and as these words are directed to Me they can draw people into a place where worship becomes a natural overflow. 

As you know David, music isn’t worship but it can certainly lead people into opening their hearts to give to and receive from Me.

When I first called you and Dale and told you to ‘lead the people to Me’ it was so that we could enter into a relationship together. That a door to a relationship could be opened. Song was the vehicle for this to happen.


Write songs to enable this door to be opened..


The third thing is these conversations David. Here you express what I am sharing with you and  what is happening between us..

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a move towards intimacy

In John 10 Jesus talked about being the good shepherd..


My sheep hear my voice...

Other sheep I have not of this fold...

They don’t follow the voice of a stranger...


It is a natural thing for belivers to hear the voice of our Shepherd


The other day I was considering the experience of Job which gives both a heavenly view and an earthly one.

We are under the new Covenant Job wasn’t but this is what Paul wrote about past writings

Whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scripture we might have hope. 

(Romans 15:4) 


Job didn’t realise of course that he was the subject of a heavenly test. If he had he would have looked at the whole situation differently.

We don't know what is going on the the spirit realm that is effecting events in our own lives.

With all of the negotiations between Satan and God, the Father was using Satan to bring Job into an intimate relationship with himself.


Here are the comments Job made to God after he was restored to health.


Hear and I will speak, I will question You and You will answer me.

I had heard of you as if by a rumour but now I see You.

 (Job 42:3-5)


 Although the experience Job went through was horrific by human standards, the fact is his relationship with God was radicly changed by his ordeal.

Job went from a posture of knowing God's blessing because he did what was right, to being able to question God and know He would answer. From seeing God at a distance to knowing Him face to face.

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We need to be thirsty

Jesus spoke of and lived a higher way yet many religious men, even though they should have been men of the spirit, still interpreted what he said and did through natural eyes.

You have to be hungry to find the truth. You have to be constantly thirsty to have the Living Water circulate around your soul.

Thirst, Living water. Many people find a trickle of this water  satisfys them. This is because they are deceived into believing that the things of this world are actually satisfying.

Possessions, fractured relationships, children whose journey they can’t trace. Temporary relief through entertainment and drugs. None of these things provide satisfaction.

Religion. Theology, truth mixed with error. Any area of revelation seen to be the complete and final answer to life is incomplete and leads to stagnation in the lives of those to trust in it.

This is why I am having you push people into Me. In Me is life and truth. On the journey with Me there is pain and there are many questions, unanswered questions.

However here is true satisfaction because even in the unknown, unanswered, there is peace for those who find that Living Water.

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Bryan William James Pollard
So true! Contact: Mobile 027 444 0283
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David Garratt

Good to hear from you Bryan. I hope all is well with you.

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Bryan William James Pollard
All is well David. I appreciate this opportunity to make contact with you dear brother, thank you for the opportunity to listen in on these conversations you are having with the LORD. Our testimony of Jesus in us is a divine provision for us all that releases His power to over come the work of the evil one in the here and now moments of every day life. Please pass on my love to Dale also, you are greatly loved in heaven and on earth by those who are our own people and His. John 1:17
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David Garratt

Thanks for this Bryan. These conversations are kept brief but I have actually written a couple in the past two or three days that I could email you if you like. They are more extensive. Email me if you want them




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Learn to discern

Pray for leaders and decision makers. That the blind eyes and deaf ears any see and hear.


This battle is first of all in the spirit realm but it is also against those who are fully used by Satan to accomplish his will which is to oppose all I desire to accomplish. He is very active in working through many who are blinded by his deception.

Adam was easily swayed by the serpent. 

Peter quickly spoke the words of My enemy. Don’t be fooled into thinking that none of My children can be deceived in a moment of time including you. 


Stay close, listen to Me. Learn from others but don’t take at face value everything you hear even from people who you trust to give My word. 


Learn to love. Learn to discern correctly. learn to encourage day by day. The past is not sufficient for today but My lessons from the past are a foundation for the future. 


Don’t assume what will be built on this foundation. Hold on to prayer and what I have laid in you. Faith and trust in Me day by day is vital.


My heart is for peace on earth but peace comes at a price. The price of yielding to My will and not to the deception that comes from the accuser. He is a liar, a deceiver and an accuser. He hates all mankind and is out to destroy all I am seeking to reveal to My children. I AM the God of peace. 

Don’t be blind, don’t be dull of hearing and listening.


These children becoming martyrs find their home with Me but I long for My people around the earth to stop playing with unrighteousness and find My heart so that a cry will rise to Me against all forms of demonic activity so that My Kingdom can come. As in heaven, so on earth...

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Does God only speak directly to us?

I do want to speak individually to ALL my children but I also want you to receive and learn from what I am saying to others too.

So it is right that you enquire of others as long as you understand that this does not take away your need to hear from and respond to Me personally too.

It is not one or the other but both but it is also important that what you hear either directly or from others is not just stored away as information or even revelation, but becomes a part of your way of life.

Distinguish between revelation and methods. When I talk about receiving from others it is not so much you learn to DO what they do but that you learn from the revelation they received that resulted in them doing what ever it is that comes from the revelation.

David, I don’t mind you talking about what you are learning even as you are learning as long as you are clear about this. You know that by sharing something it can become consolidated in your own mind provided you aren’t deceived into thinking it’s yours when it hasn’t resulted in action.

 There are teachers  I have given specific revelation to and they could be like the ‘mouth’. However the ‘eye’ can speak to the ‘hand’ as well.

Don’t ever limit through whom you hear... you know this. 

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Fear or Faith?

Satan rules much of mankind, in and outside the church, through fear. 


One thing fear does is stop us taking risks, stepping out into an unknown realm and yet this is something God wants us to learn all the time.


Those who are led by the Spirit are flexible, they make decisions based on the witness of the Spirit.

 Whereas people generally look for ‘realities’ as they see them.  They want to make sure all their ‘ducks are in a row’ so that they know all the plus and minus points of a proposition  to eliminate unwelcome surprises. 


The people they ask for confirmation make decisions the same way.


This is not what being led by My Spirit is about because such decisions are always in the soul and very often fear is a major contributing factor as to what they choose to do.


Because God IS love and perfect love casts out fear we can have a fair idea of how much we know him based on what is behind our decision making...

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Am I at rest or not?

 As I was passing something to Dale from her bedside table I knocked over the coffee pot which thankfully didn’t have much coffee left although what was there did spill on a sheet and pillowslip.

There was an understandable response from my beloved concerning my carelessness and I apologised. 

However as I walked away asking God why I would be so careless I felt quite clearly that it’s not what happens that’s the point, it’s my response, reaction that shows whether or not I am at rest.

Question: How do I know if I am at a place of rest?

 Answer: By my reaction when something happens that would normally generate a negative response. (anger, cutting remark)

If I am at peace in my soul and don't react to a situation as I would normally then I think I can say I am living with the yoke of Jesus on me and he is giving me rest...




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Rob Holding
Very good point David. And I think where we are in our humility has a lot to do with that.
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The problem of Fear...

One of the major ways Satan uses to hinder My people from entering into the rest of trust in Me.


Israel was afraid of the Egyptian army as they waited at the Red Sea. After they were delivered they sang a victory song on the other side of the sea.


‘I will sing unto the Lord

for he has trumped gloriously

the horse and rider thrown

into the sea.’


Then four days later they grumbled because of a lack of water... My past faithfulness needs to be always a reason for you to trust Me for the future.


Fear. They thought they would die in the desert. The fear they had when the Egyptian army approached them the other side of the sea was still there when they faced another seeming helpless situation.


What had happened between those two fears?


An amazing supernatural event that the people of Jericho recalled 40 years later but was forgotten by Israel 4 days after it happened.


Joshua 2:8-10


Rahab went back up to her roof. The spies were still awake, so she told them:  I know that the Lord has given Israel this land. Everyone shakes with fear because of you.  We heard how the Lord dried up the Red Sea so you could leave Egypt.


Always recall the past to remind you of My faithfulness for the present.

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Learning to listen

David, As you encourage people to wait in my presence I will bring changes in the old ways they have always thought. Everyone, including yourself, have ways of responding to My word to them. Ways of interpreting what I say to them and many of these interpretations come from people’s own preconceptions.

This doesn’t mean that the ways of the past need to all be swept away because there are foundations  that will remain in their lives and need to stay there.

The challenge will be what of the past is still relevant for today, what of the past is finished with for ever.

  Many especially those who have been trained in their mind rather than the Spirit, will find attitudes from the past much more of their own identity than they realise.

As people wait in my presence, even without them realising it, I will bring changes within them as the sword of My Spirit removes that birthed only in their soul and replaces it with the wondrous joy and liberty of what is birthed by My Spirit.

There will always be diversity within My Body.

There will always be a great need for people to have a heart of humility and meekness as they are confronted with a different perspective to their own.

When you are sure something was born of My Spirit it is difficult to accept a different point of view that could seem to oppose it.

Unity in diversity is essential as is knowing what is an absolute and what is not.

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So David, you say you have got to know me more through the past few years but a genuine relationship is not just one way. 

What if I want you to sit with me without you needing to receive some little revelation or other... just to sit and ‘be’.


You see, when I sit with one of my children it is an opportunity for we, as a trinity, to also be together. 


My Spirit is in you and we join in to make it a foursome. If you are constantly concerned about matters of concern to you  it doesn’t give us much time to just ‘be’.


We are One yet we are Three and when you allow us to join without you needing to make something from our time, ‘let’s make three houses, one for You, one for Moses, one for Elijah...’ then we can just enjoy the sights, the sounds, the fragrances, the tastes and the touches of what we have made.


This is what John wrote about when he said, ‘in that day...’ What day? the day when you enter into My rest with us. The day when we sit together at the table and just enjoy being together when the enemies, the turmoil and battle are all around.


This is a day when it is ‘Christ in you, the hope of glory’.


 A mutual anticipation of eternity together.


In that day things around us don’t matter. We drink in the wonder, beauty and fragrance that is everywhere.


‘You are compete in Him’. In that day not only is the Paraclete in you but ‘I am in the Father and the Father is in Me and we are in you.’


In that day, together with a man we have made a completeness is formed. 


Not together to ‘do’ but just to ‘be’.


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learn to be aggressive...

Father, I’m wondering if you have anything  to talk to me about?


David, there is much more for you to learn. The ‘All Truth’ My Spirit leads my people into is, as they listen, all they need for the journey I have them to walk in.

 Learn from everyone I put before you and make sure you recognise any deception. You understand something of the subtlety with which our enemy comes which is why I am putting people together to sharpen each other.

Continue to move in humility but I want you to be more aggressive in seeking my heart so I can rid you of the unnecessary.


Aggressive... Can you explain that to me please?


Pray in expectation as much as you can. In this way your mind is also active.  Listen to the wind. Feel the wind. Follow the way of the wind. There is a refreshing from my Spirit you need to learn to feel. So aggressive is active, expectant. aware. in this place your prayer will not be ‘mindless’ because you will be concentrating as you pray.

Also, when you are praying in the spirit, at times you will be aware you are directing your prayers towards a person, group or particular situation. Pray for a while in English also and then return to praying in tongues.

You know that prayer in the spirit for private edification can be done while you are doing other things with your mind and body. Mowing the lawn, cleaning the floor. When I am talking about 'aggressive', this is different because you are using your mind as well as your spirit.

Both are important... It's neither just one or the other.

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stirring the water

At certain times an angel of the Lord would go down into the pool and stir up the water, and whoever stepped in first after the stirring of the water was healed of whatever disease he had.


LATELYI have been thinking about God's timing and  I want to ensure that when God moves, I am with him in His moving.

This story of the cripple man shows that, for one thing God doesn't do things the same way all the time. 

I mean the angel stirred the water from time to time but here Jesus came in and asked a simple question of the man. ''do you want to be well?''. The man immediately described the only way he could ever see a possibility of this happening, instead of merely saying, 'yes'.

God has other ways in mind to solve our problems than the tried and true, than those we have known about even though they may be supernatural.

''Father, teach me to learn to say, 'yes' rather than give a whole story about what I try and how it hasn't worked so far.''

So, what must I do? Day by day listen. Learn to recognise a stirring when it comes and make sure that I'm not so set in how I should respond that I may miss the way of faith .....




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Set your mind on things above

Father to me beginning the day with praying or singing in the spirit seems to definitely place my mind in the position where I can hear from You if I am willing to listen.

This always requires some mental discipline although by now it is so much a part of what I do day by day it has become a lifestyle for me.


I know you have clearly told me you lead people in various way so that I don’t  talk about the way you have led me as if it is the only way. 

My feeling though is that my natural mind so quickly takes me into thinking about all sorts of other things that to pray in the spirit really helps me to ‘hear’ more clearly.


David, you know the Scripture, ‘set your minds on things above, not on things on the earth’. This is the position of a life fully surrendered to the Spirit and it is obtained by having your mind in a place where I can speak to you.


Prayer in the spirit is one way you can ‘set your mind on things above’ and as you link this with the place of My rest, you can hear more of My word for you.


Look further into Colossians 3 you will see other important things Paul mentions.  He talks about what, with the Spirit’s help, you ‘put off’ and he tells you love is ‘above everything’.

All this goes back to the statement to ‘set your mind’ and prayer in the spirit helps you to do this.

For some people worship will do this. For others meditating on My Word.


The important thing is to find the place where your mind is able to clearly hear from Me.

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Keep on talking and listening

Father it is good to be able to sit with You. There are so many more things for me to learn as you have told me but even that which you have already shown me is precious to me. 


That all those who trust in you would learn to speak to you face to face.


David, you know how as you entered into this journey I showed you that ‘anyone’ can open the door to me.

So many of my people hold on to  a segment of truth as if it was the complete message  and by doing so don’t give room for further revelation . 


Yes, there is much more for you to learn. 


I want you to keep on searching for more from Me so that what you share with others has with it more revelation of what I am really like.

I have already told you I want you to tell people of My true heart for them.. I have also told you to share as I prompt you. Because of this you can relax while at the same time search for further understanding.

I understand that many of the things you 'hear' are what you have heard before and this can make you doubt that what you are hearing in your mind is just your own imagination.

However I can and am bringing back to your memory important truth I have told you in the past. Just because it is past revelation doesn't mean it has lost it's truth. In this way you are drawing out treasures from me both old and new.



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Entering into God\'s rest...

David, It is good that you learn to rest in Me all the time regardless of the circumstances.  

Father we talked about rest and you told me about unbelief and not trusting that kept me from Your rest.

 The person who has come into that rest has ‘ceased from his own works.'

 I suppose this rest for me  is to cease activity that comes from my natural mind so that I can hear and respond to Your Spirit and and follow what you are saying.

How do I stop my natural mind from dominating my actions?

By filling your mind with that which builds you up in your faith. With that which puts you into a place where you can more clearly hear My voice.

Where the Spirit within you has more freedom to influence your soul because you have yielded your free will to Him.


My rest becomes your rest. I have offered this place to you. It’s a place where you have yielded up your own natural working things out to find a place where we are working together.

‘Let us strive to enter into that rest...’

The striving is an activity of yielding. It is striving because it goes against your natural thinking. Once you have yielded to me the striving is over.

You know this concerning speaking in tongues David. With prayer in the spirit you get to a place of ‘breakthrough’. In this place it is no longer an effort to continue to pray, the striving is over.


This 'striving' is a determination to come to a place where I allow the Holy Spirit to lead me.

the Spirit of truth  will guide you into all truth

My natural mind wants to reason, control, make its own decisions without God’s help. 

God’s rest is where my natural mind is in His hand in such a way that I am at peace and trust so that if He says, ‘this is the land I have offered you now go and possess it’, I don’t fail to trust Him even when the situation looks hopeless.

it IS hopeless if I am going to rely on my own ability but not if my trust is in the One who will  complete what he asks me to do.

Whenever Moses held up his hands, Israel prevailed, and when he lowered his hands, Amalek prevailed. But Moses’ hands grew weary, so they took a stone and put it under him while Aaron and Hur held up his hands, one on one side and the other on the other side. So his hands were steady until the sun went down. and Joshua overwhelmed Amelek and his people...

As the two men lifted Moses’ hands to heaven Israel prevailed in the battle. Here we see a combination between the weakness of man and the power of God.

The power to complete the task is God’s. 




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the planting of the Lord...

The day is dawning and I hear the birds welcoming the day, they are calling out the light without which nothing can live.

I’ve been reading this morning in Isaiah 61 and other chapters about restoration of land and people.

David, think of the statement. ‘the planting of the Lord...that He might be glorified’.

This is what is important. I  plant in many places because the earth is mine. However if you are involved in a planting for me it must be only for My honour.

After the statement about planting, the Prophet goes on to say, ‘they will rebuild the old ruins...take the rubble left behind and make it new. 

When we see ruins from past building it is easy to imagine that a restoration is just to return to what it was in the past. However there is something about what God is wanting to do here on this land that cannot be understood through the filter of the past.

What does building to Your glory look like Father?

My glory is displayed when what is done takes care of the broken, the bound, the imprisoned, the grieving. Those this chapter talks about.

When that which is planted demonstrates what I am truly like. Not religion or how the enemy has described me. He is a liar from the beginning and wants to plant and build something to honour mankind.

Many times even when that which is built had at its conception a desire to honour God it eventually develops into something to glorify man and therefore the Spirit of God no longer dwells there because only God can be honoured by what is planted for Him.

Look at what Nebuchadnezzar had to learn when he attributed the wonder and glory of Babylon to himself...



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Psalm 95..part two

After seeing Me as the great creator the writer looks deeper into my heart and to the response of My people

Come let us worship and bow down

let us kneel before the Lord our maker

For he is our God

and we are the people of his pasture

and the sheep of his hand...


Many times sheep and lambs are spoken of in the Scriptures.  Sheep need someone outside themselves to protect and to guide them.

The lamb was also the perfect sacrifice. The personality of a lamb is such that it willingly submits to its death. 

And of course  Heaven's worship is directed to Jesus as the Lamb.


Now the Psalmist moves to a very important point. Responding to God's voice.


‘today if you would hear his voice do not harden your hearts’. ( or fail to respond)


Why would people harden their hearts to Your voice Father?


Because they think that what I am asking of them is taking them from their comfort zone even though I have already prepared them for it.

Because they are believing the lies of the enemy and submitting to fear.

The writer uses the generation of Israel who came from Egypt as examples of people who weren’t prepared to listen  and put their faith in their God. 

This was a generation who had experienced many amazing and supernatural miracles yet they allowed fear to control them when dificulties came.

They forgot the way God had provided for them.


Keep the memory of His goodness deep in your heart that His great love can provide faith to drive out all fear.


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Felicity Ross
I really love your first point about how the sheep need someone outside themselves to protect, guide, nurture. Otherwise we sure are sunk!
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David Garratt

True Felicity

The thing I am learning (I think) is that our life with the Spirit is two way relationship,

.We have a free will but also the amazing opportunity to live in the freedom of co operating with God. Pretty amazing

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from Psalm 95

You know Psalm 95 David?


Yes, the writer talks first of all about the wonders of creation, of what he can see... and calls on the people to shout for joy when they consider the greatness of Your creation.

He sets You above all other so called gods. He talks about mountains and seas as being in Your hand as if You were so huge in relation to creation that You are able to move creation wherever You want. 

This certainly speaks to me of your greatness as Creator that there is nothing You don’t have influence over. It seems so figurative speaking but it isn’t really is it?

No... he got a glimpse of me in relation to what I had made and then tried to explain it in understandable terms. It actually was my voice that created the earth not my hands but he was just using the idea of a human body because the idea of speech actually creating something so amazing was somehow outside the realm of his understanding.

All people have limitations when it comes to explaining spiritual things and I know and understand those limitations.

I am never afraid of people expressing me with limitations. This is one reason people say the bible is full of contradiction.

I could never be fully explained by any human and yet so often my people argue over what has been written by men and women as if the very words were immovable.




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A real conversation

Father what do you want to teach me today?


I want you to understand a little of the importance of not merely listening but actually learning from what you hear me say.


Eye hasn’t seen, ear hasn’t heard nor has it entered into the heart of mankind the things that God has prepared for those who love him.


Understand that I am able to communicate with all humanity at the same time but I am especially keen to share my heart with anyone who wants to talk to me.


Not just pray when they need something but actually sit down as you are now and talk to me, hear my voice because they are specifically listening. Many come on occasions but few really take the time to listen for my voice and follow me.


My sheep hear my voice. I have other sheep not of this fold (Israel) and they also will come to me from all over the earth. They will come because they want to see the lies of the serpent broken and a true relationship with me restored. You are one of those and, as I have already told you, there is much for you to learn from me.


This David is a relationship where conversation takes place. Not just a one way directive from Me or a one way cry for help from you either.

 It is a conversation as two friends have when they sit at a meal together and while they eat they share their hearts with each other.


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Beginning in the Spirit..completing in the flesh

Father, today I have been reading Galatians chapter three on. The thought of beginning in the Spirit but then finishing with natural thinking has been in my mind.


As I read it through it is obvious that this issue was very important and painful to Paul. 

This church understood that Christ’s death brought them salvation yet someone had come along and convinced them something extra was also necessary.


It had to do with the law when Jesus had already fulfilled the requirements of the Law.


As Derek Prince said, ‘the work of the cross is perfectly perfect, completely complete.’


Paul also illustrated his point by mentioning the two sons of Abraham. He describes Ishmael as a son of the flesh and Isaac a son of the Spirit. 


The son of the flesh persecuted the son of the Spirit. 


David, anything born of my Spirit will be persecuted by that which was of the Spirit but  has become the effort of man. 

This is often because a revelation from Me is put into a box and  becomes an absolute which means no further revelation can come or if it does it comes from a heart of pride and control.


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Mark Holloway
Wow! I love the way you converse with God. It's different than the way I do. We're different - he talks to us differently. I LOVE that because it would be so painful if this thing that is setting us all free - him speaking to us direct - became another religion. THANKS DAVID.
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David Garratt

Yes Mark

This is one thing that to me makes this whole conversation thing so real. If we all had to follow the same set of rules then I would question the reality of it all.

Actually people would be able to follow the rules in a theoretical way without engaging the Spirit

It's the unique way God deals with us that makes it so amazing...

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Yeah, it's something we've all got to watch for
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Mark O

Yes David I love what this conversation deals with. If we could do anything at all towards our own salvation we'd fall into pride. God has set the pathway for our redemption up perfectly with no errors . I love Him. His grace is awesome.

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true, we are seeing more of His creation every day

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wonderful stuff david!!
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thanks mate so good to talk to you. Give my best to Strahan and Dean when you get with them tomorrow
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Love it David!
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Starting in the Spirit

Father, I’m thinking more about starting with a revelation by Your Spirit but then not completing also by the Spirit.

I think it partly comes from the thought that I don’t want to trouble you with the details or that you have given me a mind to be able to reason this out myself.


David, Look at what the Serpent had Eve consider. He appealed to her personal pride of life. She was convinced that to follow his direction would elevate her.


He convinced her that to ‘add’ to the relationship I had with her would make her more complete as a person.

This is often what education and increased knowledge does for people. They feel better about themselves because of higher education and think others will think more of them too.


Because the  flesh speaks of natural reasoning it makes it very important that we maintain a heart of humility and dependance on the Holy Spirit as the One who is our guide and teacher.

Just as Eve was deceived by the serpent as she considered his proposition, it is far more ‘cool’ for us to follow our own natural reasoning or the suggestions of other people than to say, ‘God guide me’.


This whole principal seems such a problem these days. Many times we as believers start something out of a genuine revelation from God but over time extra things are added so that what Paul said to the Galatians can be applied to us too.


David, I walk with my friends even in their ‘less than best’ decisions.

Keep close, ask questions, learn to know what I am really like.





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Mark Holloway
Fantastic. I love that he wants to talk to us about OUR stuff. Not the religious stuff, but OUR stuff. Thanks David.
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Learning to hear God\'s voice

Father, yesterday as I was waking up I ‘heard’ this Scripture:


I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
I will guide you with My eye.

 Do not be like the horse or like the mule,
Which have no understanding,
Which must be harnessed with bit and bridle,


I liked the first part but I suppose it was the second part that made me question. Am I like the mule? Do I rush ahead when I need to just be close enough to you to see your eye guide me?


You know David you have a tendency to rush into something. The horse doesn’t understand where his rider is wanting to take him. 

When the journey begins he assumes he knows where he is going because he believes he has been there before and just wants to get on with it.


There are times, many times, when you move ahead on genuine revelation but it is incomplete. You need to allow me to give you further understanding.


There is time, your times are in my hands.


I will instruct you and teach you in the way you need to go...


Allow me to do this

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Drip feeding truth

Father, so many different thoughts are in my mind just now. You have told me to learn to put myself in a place where I can hear you but this isn’t simple to me. You have told me my prayer in the spirit is an important part of our relationship.


I still feel as if I am being ‘drip fed’ your truth.  I  hear something, write it down and even send it to friends but this doesn’t mean that truth is actually mine.


David,  realise that there are revelations included by writers in the Bible, genuine revelations, that the writers were still struggling to apply?


You are all human and are all growing towards the truth.

I am happy to repeat, as often as need be, a particular understanding you need to have. Don’t ever think that if I have said something once to you  I won’t repeat it as you need me to.

I am your creator. I know all humanity intimately.

 Right now I am drip feeding you truth but that’s all you can take anyway.

 However overall impressions from Me are being formed in you. That’s what I want to see. You are beginning to recognise my voice and are building up an understanding of what I am really like. 


This is the key thing.

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Spirit and Life

Father, the creativity  here in Venice is amazing. The art, sculpture, building design. The music and the chapels. It’s all incredible.

Italy has so much creativity and today I was told this city was birthed on March 25th 421 AD which makes it around 1600 years old if my math is correct.


David, My creativity is everywhere. It is a part of my likeness but is easily and frequently distorted. Everywhere in this nation men have made Me in their own image.

However whenever an artist gets a glimpse of my creativity they often create something that honours me when they begin but then later on it becomes a mixture. 


Think of Paul in Athens. He recognised the ‘light’ they had in creating an altar to the unknown god. He was giving them further revelation to fill in the dots and lead them to me. Some were able to cross the divide of soul thinking and recognise Me.


My Word is spirit and Life.



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Learning to listen

What is it you have to say to me today Father?


David, you know what I said in John 10. ‘My sheep hear my voice’?


Yes, I don’t feel I have come to the place where I hear all the time but I do hear.


Put yourself in a place of listening. How do you do this.


There are times when I am having a conversation with someone and I distinctly say to myself, David, you need to listen, it is important you hear this. At this stage I sort of tune my ear to what is happening.


Yes, you need to do this far more because often enough I whisper something and you miss it or only pick up a small part.

 ‘if anyone hears my voice and opens the door’. The opening the door is becoming more alert to the fact I am speaking. 


Father I do want to hear more clearly what you are saying to me.


Ears to hear. Removing the wax from your ears. A blind person has often tuned himself to hear sounds because his sight is missing. Tune your ears to hear me in everything through everything. 

My Spirit in you is speaking all the time. Giving impressions, encouraging, correcting and guiding. Speaking all the time. We speak through all your senses. Sight, taste, touch, hearing and smell.


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‘In the world you will have trouble but don’t fear, I have overcome the world’


Don’t ever be surprised by the difficult things that happen. They are part of life here. However I have a way through every difficulty that if that way is taken there will always be peace at the other end.

Don’t look for answers outside of my direction. I use all sorts of things to fulfil my will but I am looking for friends who find hope in Me because they trust me.


When you say don’t look for answers outside your direction, what about Lee? Should I not have looked for her to help us?


Yes, you don’t even know what I am doing in her.

You asked me about her. I use people. 

Look what Tony has told you. Yngvar has told you. These people are helping you but I am the source of all help and comfort. I use many different ways to accomplish my purpose.

These people are helping you with your body. Don’t think I am not involved in  these things. Even Eric  yesterday confirmed what Tony told you didn’t he?


Get used to my involvement in all areas of your life. You don’t even know what I am doing because of your prayer in the spirit do you?


The 'All Truth' my Spirit leads my children to is certainly not merely ‘all truth’ relating to spiritual things.

What about airline seats, accommodation for your trip? Don’t you know I am involved here as well? Keep on praying and don’t fear. You are and will be an overcomer...


Father, I commit this rental place to you. The renewal will come while we are away. You guided us here, I trust you to continue to guide us concerning where we live.


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Soul and Spirit

It is so important that My people understand the difference between soul and spirit. 


So many of those who trust me, even who have given their whole lives to serve Me yet who live most of their lives not understanding the place of the Holy Spirit.

It’s as if they allow just a few drops of the water of My Spirit to enter their souls when I have provided  a flow of living water both into and out of their souls.

Never be satisfied with a few drops David. Remember my words to the crowd on the day of the feast...


John 7:37-39

21st Century King James Version (KJ21)

37 On the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, “If any man thirst, let him come unto Me, and drink.

38 He that believes in Me, as the Scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.”

39 (But this He spoke of the Spirit, whom those who believe in Him should receive; for the Holy Ghost was not yet given, because Jesus was not yet glorified.)


This is the water of the Spirit and it needs to flow into your soul so that your mind, will and emotions are being fed by My Spirit. Then the flow will go outwards as you respond to the Spirit’s prompting..


To drink from the Holy Spirit takes a thirst. It also takes a discipline to do what ever the Father has instructed us to do to release the flow. It doesn’t happen automatically.

Every day I need to pray in the spirit to unblock the clutter in my mind and from there to take on the yoke of Jesus so that His light burden is mine too.

It’s not that God doesn’t use our minds. He works through our minds all the time but we have to ‘let’ His Spirit influence our minds so that we experience the lightness of his yoke.



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God's stirring

Father Last Saturday we had the meeting at Edge and today a garage sale at home. Then in a few days time we leave for Kona.


David, these are days of stirring. All the dross in the lives of people is being heated in the caldron  so that that which is rubbish can be skimmed off.

This is why your prayer and times with Me are so vital because when the heat comes on is when you have to throw yourself on to me.


Matthew 11:28-30

New International Version (NIV)

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

A yoke seems a control thing but My yoke is to support all who are yoked to me. The burden is too heavy to carry so by linking yourself to me, I carry it with you. Note that in this place you find REST for your souls. The opposite of anxiety. Rest is yours because in that place you don’t drag the plough alone.


You can go alone but if you do the burden will be heavy. My yoke is yours to take, I don’t force it on you. If I did it would be a restriction as if I wasn’t giving you a free will. So this is an invitation for the burdened... 


So how do I ‘come to Me’.


For you David I have shown you the importance of prayer in the spirit. It wont be the same for everyone but everyone needs to understand that the Holy Spirit came to be a helper and teacher to my people. 


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God uses people

Father, anything to talk about this morning?


David, there is always something for me to say to those who want to listen.

People are under pressure in many areas these days and these pressures make them look for relief.

I have told you that I am your comforter and it is to me you need to go to find peace where there is no peace.

 Eric I met yesterday seemed to be in peace.

He has an underlying fear David that maybe he’s not right. Give him your book. He is lonely.


Your enemy spreads fear everywhere and although many disguise it in front of others it lies deep in the hearts of people.

However I can use this fear to lead people towards me because My Spirit is the only one who can bring true comfort, peace and absence from fear.


Encourage your family and those around you to find freedom in me.


‘Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you, not as the world gives. Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid’


My peace is absence from fear and troubling thoughts. 


I know who I have made ready to hear a truth from me. Look for them and only speak when you know I have something to say through you. This doesn’t mean people will always accept what you say. Many didn’t accept what Jesus said yet it didn’t stop him speaking the truth.



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Father I can see in reading Jeff’s blog and in just considering the many different ‘streams’ within the Body of Christ that there are so many who are part of us but who think and teach very differently than we do.


What are the absolutes?


Jesus, Son of God rose from the dead.


The Holy Spirit is the teacher of all true believers. However He doesn’t lead everyone the same way, you know that so don’t be thinking that the way the Spirit leads you is the only way. 

The Holy Spirit leads us as far as we are willing to be led. He guides into ALL truth but because few recognise my voice most limit what they are willing to hear. Few are willing to learn continually.

There will never be a time while you live on earth that your teacher is not there to guide you...


Paul Young, Baxter Kruger... these men stretch the boundaries of church belief and the boundaries  need to be stretched.


Thing is when I came to earth My people’s teachers also needed their boundaries moved and most weren’t willing for that. Don’t look for things you don’t agree on but what you do.

Many people don’t give much consideration at all to the Holy Spirit relationally yet he still teaches them as much as they are willing to be taught.


You know these things in theory but need to know them also in practice. I am diverse but people still create boxes for me, boxes of their own understanding when I am always looking to break those boxes down.

 It’s uncomfortable especially when the box has been reinforced over so many years, such a long time.

This is why I have told you many times that the Journey I am leading you on is important for you but won’t be the way for everyone ...


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Learning to listen

Father, I arrived at this conference at a good time, lunch time which means I can sit here and type out a conversation with you.

This morning on Skype with David, Davi, Lisa and Tim I was listening to Tim speak about spiritual warfare.

I’ve known for so long that this is your battle but it was good to hear it again and to hear of the importance of enquiring of you in all details of life which is what you have been saying to Mark anyway.

David, regarding next Saturday. The first thing  that these people need is to engage with me not in some sort of ad hoc way but day by day. This is a relationship, a friendship they are needing to understand

I have much to teach you and them too but you are calling them so that I can teach them to listen. 

Not all in the same way, you know this, but my sheep need to realise that I am both their guide and protector. They need to approach me as sheep would. Vulnerable yet secure with me.

Sheep never get to the stage where they can make their own way, they always need a shepherd to guide and give them security.

Sheep also go astray.

‘All we like sheep have gone astray, we have turned everyone to his own way, but the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.’
Isaiah 53.


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Does Jesus speak to you in your heart? Are you sure it's Jesus...or just YOU?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=UJMSU8Qj6Go
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